Expert Witness

In matters concerning fraud, miscalculation of share values, commercial negligence in reporting numbers, ownership disputes and other areas that need expert judgement from well qualified and well trained financial professionals, expert witnesses are credible, in-demand professionals who are confident in understanding and resolving often complex and detailed disputes. They are also experienced at giving evidence under oath and often called upon to do so in their area of expertise.


Acting as an expert witness involves consideration of all the evidence to be presented at trial and then advising the Court on the areas where fault lies and where liability rests.  A report is provided to the court, and where necessary, the expert is called to give evidence under oath. It is also frequently necessary for the expert to meet with other experts appointed by other parties and resolve where they agree and disagree on the merits of the case.


Accounting expert witnesses from our team have represented clients in various litigation cases in providing deeper understanding of the subject matter and accounting clarity to the court.


With our experienced accounting expert witnesses, you can expect:

  • Qualification, training, certifications and skills needed to make a representation
  • Correct representation and experienced courtroom discussions
  • Clarity in explanation to enhance understanding of the case to everyone in the courtroom
  • Advanced preparation before the hearing so that solicitors can clarify doubts and make their case more robust
  • Assistance in structuring and preparing admissible evidence to back up all arguments


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