Payroll Management

A strategic outlook at payroll functions demands streamlined processes and quick turnarounds for timely payments and legal compliance. Our payroll management services put together all data points generated through the life cycle of an employee and stores it for easy retrieval. Irrespective of the organization size, outsourcing payroll management is a wise decision because it helps in:

  • Organizing vital data that can provide insights into deeper HR issues
  • Freeing the in-house team to work upon larger issues like employee development, satisfaction and motivation
  • Ensuring timely payment of salaries by considering attendance, leave and other factors
  • Churning data which is a mandatory requirement for income tax, revenue or labour department
  • Maintaining a central repository of all employee records
  • Streamlining the process through electronic filing of leave and expense claims


We understand that employees’ and key management remuneration form a large proportion of companies’ expenses, hence, even a minuscule mistake can lead to huge losses and compliance costs. With our professional services you can have peace of mind of accurate, on-time salary credits, prompt statutory filings and quick reimbursements. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all our internal employees and clients to provide them with assurance of confidentiality while discharging our payroll duties.



Payroll management is a tedious process that requires the HR department to collate all leave data, calculate taxation, provide for exemptions, factor final settlement and adjust deductions month on month. And all of it while staying on top of changing labour and taxation laws which demand strict adherence and attract heavy fines for non-compliance. Any slips in statutory compliance can lead to massive re-work on filing taxes.


Our payroll management includes:

  • Salary calculations after factoring in all allowances, overtime hours, bonuses and deductions
  • Computation of CPF contributions
  • Actual payments and generation of itemized salary slips (mandatory effective from 1 April 2016)
  • Pre-filled individual forms for human resource applications including but not limited to applications relating to maternity leave, NS men pay claims, child care leaves, etc.
  • Simplified online processes for leave administration and claim reimbursement with automatic email triggers to respective leave and claim supervisors


Our payroll management is an efficient end-to-end automated payroll and leave management system that is designed to reduce operating costs and let HR staff concentrate on other vital HR functions. Unlike manual processing, it takes on seasonal fluctuations like end of year payroll load, leaves tracking, leaves forfeit, leaves carry forward and claims reimbursement with ease, ensuring better accuracy and increased efficiency. Breathe easy while we ensure confidentiality, convenience and compliance.

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