Work Visas

In Singapore, a work visa is also known as an Employment Pass or Work Permit. This is a work visa that can be used by foreigners who wish to take up employment or to engage in a business, profession or occupation in Singapore.

There are currently four types of work visas in Singapore:

1.         Employment Pass
2.         Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)
3.         Entrepreneurial Pass (Entre-Pass)
4.         Work Permit

Employment Pass

These are the three categories under which an Employment Pass falls based on varying professional qualifications and salary requirements:

  • ‘P’ passes are issued to individuals who hold an acceptable degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills, mainly for professionals holding executive and managerial positions.
    P1: This is applicable for individuals who earn a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$8,000.
    P2: This is applicable for individuals who earn a fixed monthly salary of S$4,500 and above.
  • Q1: This is applicable for individuals who earn a minimum income of S$3,300 per month, who are fresh graduates from good institutions. In the case of more experienced applicants, they are expected to earn a higher salary commensurate with their work experience.
  • S-Pass: This is applicable to mid-level skilled individuals such as supervisors or technicians, who are earning a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$2,200, with an acceptable tertiary qualification, such as a college diploma. Similar to the above mentioned, the minimum qualifying salary applies only to recent graduates from good institutions.

“Fixed monthly salary” includes basic monthly salary and fixed monthly allowances, but is not inclusive of bonuses, commissions, overtime pay and provision of benefits-in-kind.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

A P1 Employment Pass holder who is earning a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$12,000, or an overseas foreign professional whose last drawn fixed monthly salary (within 6 months) was a minimum of S$18,000 may apply for a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP).

The PEP can only be issued once, for a non-renewable period of three years, where the holder must earn a fixed annual salary of at least S$144,000 per calendar year, but will not be able to take up freelance work without a direct employer, or be a business owner.

Entrepreneurial Pass (Entre-Pass)

Foreign Entrepreneurs who intend to start and be actively involved in new business operations in Singapore may apply for an Entre-Pass. The company in question must be newly registered (within 6 months) as a private limited company, with paid-up capital of at least S$50,000, where the Entre-Pass holder must have at least 30% shareholding within the company. Such applicants must be able to show evidence of innovation, research collaboration, external funding or investment, notwithstanding support from a Singapore Government Agency.

Work Permit (WP)

A Work Permit (WP) may be issued to unskilled or semi-skilled foreigners whose fixed monthly salary is below S$2,200 who holds relevant qualifications and experience to the required position. WPs are subject to quota and dependency ratio ceilings regarding permissible levels of foreign staff with work permits, which depends on the different industrial sectors and countries the foreign workers are from.

Any employment pass is usually valid for only 1 – 3 years from the time it is issued, and most can be renewed provided the individual meets the requisite criteria. We can assist you in submitting your employment pass application for a hassle-free visa application process.
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